Monday, November 17, 2008

Romaine is the Game

How can such a beautiful and healthy vegetable come from such a small seed? I choose to grow romaine lettuce in both my cold frames this winter for two reasons. One it is on the list of the American Cancer Research as a cancer fighting agent, and two it like cold weather and will mature inside of 60 days. It also does well in confined spaces needing just an 8 inch spacing between plants. Unlike leaf lettuce, romaine will also keep for long periods in the refrigerator and adds a lot of crunch to any salad.

Since I have about twelve square feet of growing space, I will be able to grow at least six plants in each cold frame while still having plenty of space for spinach and radish plants. By starting six new plants every third week, I will be insuring a steady supply of greens throughout the winter. Mind you, as a bachelor, I’m only feeding myself.